15.10. ppc on iBook G4 bugs and general performance

hi there,

after some trail and error, I finally managed to install 15.10 on my rebuilt iBook G4 (1.07 Ghz, 1.2 GB Ram, 16GB SSD, 32MB ATI 9200 gfx)

unfortunately, it seems to crash like 90% of the time. when moving around a window, it crashes like 99% of the time.

crash means, the screen goes dark, flashes to show desktop again and after 1-2 seconds, it gets dark again (and this behavior repeats forever)

oh - and sometimes, it´s even worse - it hangs on the desktop screen, only the mouse.cursor reacts and that´s about it! the ubuntu logo from login-screen is blended into the desktop background image (also with that logo, but in a different place) - so I get double logo :wink:

next thing is, when open the activity monitor, it is always like 45% cpu load - wow, kind of high, I guess.

the whole thing is very frustrating and not “ubuntu - like”, because I face some extrem barriers - which should not be.

Maybe you can include a kind of hint/recommendation, that MATE 15.10 should not be installed under 1.67 Ghz PPC or even maybe only for G5 machines. (tried live CD on a powerbook g4 1.67Ghz, 2GB Ram, 128MB ATI 9600gfx) and it was like 12% load on CPU.

anyway, before I install Debian 8.2 again (which has no sound running, no apple function-key support and bad trackpad support) - maybe someone could help me to get MATE 15.10 run stable and a bit more snappy / faster?

I have not found the app that controls the services, that are loaded on startup, would be cool, if someone can give a hint on that, too.

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edit: maybe I need to add Linux radeon.modeset=1 video=radeonfb:off video=offb:off video=1024x768-32 radeon.agpmode=-1 in yaboot-config?

man, man ,man - now that I managed to update the whole installation (there were some firefox, mail , calendar and a kernel updates) - even the login-screen seems to be gone.


From live CD-everything was fine, but after install and even worse -update- it´s a total failure!

  • you call that a #stable version??? OMG!

don´t get me wrong, I respect you guys for putting together a ppc-version - but - please make it run more stable (or at least run!!!)

I guess may people want to use mate on there old ppc *books - so please give us a chance, to do so :wink:

kind regards


edit: hmmm, the login-screen was kind of there - seems now the book falling to sleep before login-screen, after close/open the display, it was there, again…

edit2: sorry, don´t bother - already re-installing Debian 8.2…which is kind of sad, cause MATE looks great and working apple-function-keys and sound outofthebox are cool

Did you follow this advice when creating your bootable media?:

Did you try and run "dpkg" in recovery mode per the update guide?:

thanks, but MATE is way too slow on G4 1.07Ghz iBook - will go for debian 8, instead!

Good luck and I hope it works for you!. :smiley:

These are the kernel options I use on my G4 iBook.

radeon.agpmode=-1 radeon.modeset=1 video=offb:off video=radeonfb:off
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