16.04 MATE live freezes at welcome window after desktop

PMac MDD/1GHz ATI 9600XT, currently running Debian 8.4 MATE with mesa workarounds.

Trying to install ubuntu 16.04 MATE ppc from live CD.
Boots up, shows normal-looking MATE desktop. Freezes as soon as the welcome greeting window comes up, showing nothing within that window. (I’m expecting some simple slide-show animation within that window - right?)
Can’t click on “Install 16.04 MATE” on desktop. While waiting for startup to complete, In the System pull-down in top bar, I can click to show menu, but also can’t click on Install 16.04 MATE.

Ideas? Is there an alternate installer image for 16.04 MATE PPC?

You should be able to install Ubuntu MATE directly from GRUB right? Before you select “try without installing” or something like that

MATE 16.04 PPC uses the yaboot boot loader instead of grub. The startup default is live - as far as I can tell from the “help” command, there is no direct-to-install option. You have to install while booted to live.

See also:


PowerPCFAQs don’t cover this.

Hello and welcome, what are the specs for that machine it might help other pinpoint your problem

Freezing with a radeon card? On PowerPC? No never heard of this before. It must be unique to your computer.

Trying to be a little more helpful… although yaboot doesn’t have an ‘install’ option, you can create one by just adding the only-ubiquity parameter. So

live only-ubiquity

would not start the full desktop, but take you straight into the installer.

There is also the mini iso (documented in the FAQ) which is essentially the same as the alternate installers.

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Thanks, I’ll try “live only-ubiquity.”

I tried live only-ubiquity. It booted to a partial desktop. When the “Install (as superuser)” window came up, the computer froze.
This seems similar to previous result, where it froze when the first window (Welcome in that case) pops up.
What does window drawing in these cases?

Apologies to wolfman. Added a yaboot option for Radeon issues like:
live only-ubiquity radeon.agpmode=-1

The installer is busy right now. I’ll let you know.

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Thanks for the help!
radeon.agpmode=-1 seems to solve the problem.

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