16.04 Xenial will not boot from usb

I have been trying to do an install of 16.04 from usb stick where the md5 matches, i have tried both dd and ddrescue to create and have tried two laptops (both toshiba, curse their black souls…) and all available usb ports. I have not found anything via internet search yet.
The problem is that I get dropped to a busybox shell, with initramfs unable to find a device containing a live filesystem error… other distros do not seem to suffer this. I have thus far only tried an antergos image which i already had on a stick but will try others…
any thoughts?

I successfully used the AMD64 image tonight to install via a legacy BIOS boot. Did you do a sync after the dd? I think it is necessary in some instances.

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Hi @noremac,

have you tried downloading a fresh ISO from a different location than the original you downloaded?:

Ubuntu Mate download page:


Click on the download link here and download from a different mirror (I know it states Wily-Werewolf but it links to Xenial afaik!):

“dd bs=4M if=blah.iso of=/dev/sdx && sync”

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actually seems that vanilla Ubuntu gives the same error

as for the fresh download, if the md5sum matches then what am i looking at?


I really don’t know what to look for as far as the md5sum checking out goes!, downloading a new ISO from a different location is what I would do and is only a suggestion!. :smiley:

DId you run “Check disk for errors” if you got that far?. :smiley:

It’s not you, it’s the grub version and config they used. Xenial still supports bios-boot but the GRUB does not appear to be configured to.

Read this link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/775770/any-flavor-of-debian-or-ubuntu-still-being-made-in-amd64mac-version

This was my experience and work around.

Have you set the boot flag to the ubuntu partition on the usb stick? I had the same issue with a old tecra a10. Other notebooks mostly ignore the boot flag and are booting anyway. Toshibas does not.

Toshiba? You do know that this thread is tagged with the “powerpc” tag, right?