16.10 Slow and Menu Issues

Anyone help? Why is my Mate Welcome running jerky and slow in 16.10 latest release? Also ApplicationsPlacesSystem titles are all crammed next to each other. Thank you…maybe alpha version I suppose?

I moved your thread to the dev section.
I think “Support and Help Request” section should be reserved for questions about released, supported versions of Ubuntu MATE, not alpha versions.
@lah7, what’s your take on this?

Well, 16.10 is in alpha stage, so a lot is to be expected to break at the minute, especially with the transition from GTK 2 to GTK 3.

I haven’t been testing 16.10, so I can’t comment on the slowness, but it’s hard to know if it’s a problem with the system or with 16.10 without something to compare to.

The crammed up menu on the panel is very likely due to broken themes, which are still being worked on.

@ouroumov, I can see why you moved it here. I would have probably left it in the help category since it’s more diagnosis, but I suppose either category will do at this stage.

Yep, thats the theme your currently using. Black-mate is working well.

All the theme issue are resolved now. The transition to GTK 3.20 was lots of work and we’re not quite finished yet, but most everything is looking correct again :slight_smile:

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Yes, we are now able to choose among themes. Nice work, thank you.

I was hopeful that not being able to change fonts would also be fixed. Must still be a work in progress.