17.04 Can't install Google Chrome

I can’t install Google Chrome with the software boutique. When I check in the terminal, the ppa is added but apt says “couldn’t resolve dl.google.com
With the browser I can’t reach gmail or Google drive also.
Other than this I was able to make a system update after first install, so internet is working but no Google.
Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a fresh install gone bad. What install method do you use? Have you tried to fix packages in terminal:

sudo apt -f install

You can update so you have internet access. What about switching to your guest session, will it connect correctly?

Your running 16.04?

I am running 17.04.
apt -f says nothing to install and guest session is also same.

Ok, that makes a difference. This has happen to me on 17.04 and found it necessary to reboot.

Hi @django,

if you are using the 32 bit version of Ubuntu Mate; there is no install candidate as Google Chrome is now only available for the 64 bit version!. :smiley:

An alternative is “Chromium Browser” which is available in both 32 and 64 bit versions!. :smiley:

I know that, 32 bit chrome was dropped.
I am running 64 bit.

Just checking and you are welcome.

You are welcome too.

`sudo echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf`

solves the problem but there must be something else going on.