17.10 wrong icons shown in mutiny panel

wrong application icon is used when opening libreoffice while using MUTINY panel.
same thing does not happen when using contemporary panel.

I’m not sure if they use different icon sets, but maybe go in appearance settings and change the icon theme, or manually pick it I should say and see if that fixes it.


Sorry if I shouldn’t revive an old topic, but I guess if I started a new one it would be related to this one, anyway, so…

What I’ve noticed here is that it works fine if I start LibreOffice Writer from the launcher (MATE Dock) itself, but if I open a file from Caja or from Synapse, the Writer icon on the Dock doesn’t catch it, and shows a RetroArch icon instead. I’m serious, it takes up a RetroArch Icon… So much so, that even if I right-click on that icon, it offers to close or pin RetroArch, and not LO Writer…

Same happens even if I click on Wanda, or if I open Dock Preferencies. And if I open all of them at once, it shows only one RetroArch icon, with only one window indicator, and what happens when clicking on that icons varies, I guess depending on some race condition or something… so it gets pretty confused sometimes…

This is bad for me, as I am a very frequent LO Writer user. How does it look like in the upcoming release?

This is fixed in Ubuntu MATE 18.04.

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Great news! I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile: