18.04.02 LTS end of life

Hi guys

Just want to know when the 18.04.02 LTS will stop receiving updates,i am not been using my PC since a long time ago and i am just a little curious :thinking:


April 2023.

Oh... ubuntu flavours can choose their own support plans. Didn't knew.

Ubuntu Mate 18.04 is supported until April 2021.

I have Ubuntu 20.4LTS on an older machine, but will wait to update my main laptop until at least the first point release is out. I let you brave souls work out the kinks. There is no reason to hurry, April 2021 is still a long way away.

Hey guys :crazy_face:

So the right time it will stop receiving updates is April 2021 not April 2023,ok,got it !!!
Thanks to all for the replies.
Have a nice day everyone :v: