[18.04.1] Booting kernel failed: Invalid argument on Dell XPS13


I have dd’ed over the ISO from the UM LTS and when I boot it on my Dell XPS 13 I always end up with “Booting kernel failed: Invalid argument”.

I have went under other options (F6) and went through all of those settings but none of them work. Also, I get 0 information before getting this error. I even tried switching TTY but there seems to only be this 1.

When I select test RAM (or anything else), I always end up with that same message. I know that the media/ISO is OK before it works on other machines.

Any ideas on what I should look for?

Thanks in advance,

Are you doing it from a bootable USB? The process might have gone sideways and not properly. You should try flashing your USB again and then boot it up…

I recommend using Etcher to flash your image. I use it a lot, and I’ve never had any trouble with corrupt images.

check the Md5 checksum of your ISO file to see if they are the same

Does this machine have windows 10 installed? If so you try disabling Secure Boot in windows

Wow, yes, you guys were right.

As I totally NOT believed my ISO was corrupted, it was.

The root cause was: whenever you eject/unmounted a drive (after DD), you need to wait until the LED of your device stops flashing and GUI explicitly states you can safely eject (If if it takes more than 2 minutes to pop-up).

Thanks guys!