[18.04] Can't get Ibus or Fcitx to work



I want to use ibus-unikey or fcitx-unikey to type Vietnamese
I have set up the input method, etc... and reboot several times but neither ibus nor fcitx work.

The keyboard shortcut for scrolling between input method doesn't work neither.
Any work-around guys? Thanks in advance!


Is your problem fixed ?
I have some tips for you. Choose only 1 language (english) for System Keyboard Layouts, configure iBus and let it uses system keyboard layout


Hope your issue got fixed. Here is what helped me.
Make sure to install the following pakages


Choose the input method switch and make ibus as the choice.
A dialalogue box to restart X session appears choose ok.
Log out and login back to restart X session.
Go to ibus system tray icon choose preferences
click input method tab and your language option
choose them to the add to list .---done---
For more info refer here.

Hope this works for your language too