18.04 ISO not booting on Optimus laptop

I created a bootable USB for Ubuntu MATE 18.04 to test it.

At first I tried the try without isntalling option. My laptop failed to boot. I 've encountered this problem before. The laptop freezes without booting on the first green boot screen. Behind the scenes there is a step that doesn’t get completed. I know this because I also encountered it when installing fedora in the same laptop some months ago. But because fedora was showing the logs/shell outputs I was able to understand what was happening. The fedora installer of that time had a special troubleshooting boot option that could successfully boot on low resolution. By looking on the grub parameters a nomodeset option was added (if I remember correctly, can find any notes on this). Since the same problem appeared to be happening with this release I tried adding the nomodeset parameter. Ubuntu MATE sucessfully booted on low resolution, but when I told it to shutdown the system froze before it shutdown and stayed active until I forced poweroff by pressing the power button for 5 sec.

Looking into it further when pressed with install choices I edited the grub parameters for the try without installing option and added the nouveau.modeset=0 boot parameter. That allowed Ubuntu MATE to load sucessfully on it’s intended resolution. It even shutdown correctly !! :slight_smile: I am not sure whether this is a bug, or not and if I should be reporting it somewhere else.

My system specs are CPU: i5-7300hq and GPU: 1050Ti.