18.04 Live USB problems - Black Screen - vmlinuz

I am trying to make a Live USB with Mate 18.04. I have tried both 32 and 64 bit.

I am using a 2009 MacBook Pro and the Mac Linux USB Loader software to create the Live USB.

After reformating the USB, redownloading the iso, and recreating the USB multiple times for both versions, I have come across some variation of the same set of problems.

Computer boots and hangs on a black screen

Computer tells me it can’t find vmlinuz (vmlinuz.efi?)

Computer boots to a black screen with a cursor in the top right

  • Tells me I can choose between trying to open Mate with out installing, install Mate, or some other things
  • When I try Mate, it goes to the green circle with triangles in the middle of the screen, and the dots below the circle show that it is loading
    It hangs on this screen

Just prior to starting with 10.04, I had successfully made this USB into a Live USB for 17.10, then realized I wanted 18.04 if possible

Does 18.04 have problems with Mac display drivers?
Does 18.04 have problems with Macs in general?
Does Mac Linux USB Loader have issues with 18.04?
Are there other issues or fixes I should look at?

I am starting to read through the other posts about this now.