18.04 Mate Can not boot on Raspberry Pi 4 8GB

Hi Ubuntu Mate and Raspberry Pi Friends,

I've downloaded and installed from the site for 18.04 Mate ( ubuntu-mate-18.04.2-beta1-desktop-arm64+raspi3-ext4.img.xz)

However, during boot, raspberry gives "the board requires newer software, get the latest software from .... " as shown in below image:

Hope to get your expertise on the issue.

-- Luke

Try this one - it is much better and the video plays back correctly from you tube and other sites.
you will have to update this by not using system updater but by using sudo apt update && apt upgrade.

I gave up on the pure Ubuntu one and found this modified Ubuntu-MATE that uses the raspbarian loader. It works for evrything - you may want to add cifs-utils if you want to see any windows file systems.


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Hi larryr,

Thanks for your reply. The link is really good for 20.04-Mate.
Due to same system issues, we are still using 18.04-Mate. We were wondering if you know any good 18.04-Mate image ?