18.04 - Nice work UM


Hi gang,

New user, fresh install of 18.04. Very nice, and I especially enjoy the minimal install option, Mate GTK3, lively development and friendly forum.

I’ve been roadtesting Arch spins Manjaro, Antergos and also Solus for a couple of years. They’re all very good, like Ubuntu Mate.

I’ve installed just a few bells & whistles, but not too much to take away from the charm. Adapta Color Pack, Papirus and a few programs. Removed the splash screen and setup an external NAS.

It took some effort to return to the world of Synaptic after being spoiled by the simplicity of Pamac, but it’s like an old shoe so it works well.

I had a couple small Brisk Menu crashes while live, but an install and updates took care of it.

Anyway, thanks Martin and your team. Appreciate your efforts with UM.




I have to second that I used Ubuntu for a few years but decided to give Mate a go on a few of my machine and it work great

Great job Mate team your hard work is appreciated as well