19.04 final release testing and issues


following up on Ubuntu MATE 19.04 Final release and HDMI, on testing with the Ubuntu MATE 19.04 Final release.

  • I installed it to my HD, but when booted, there is not sound at all. When viewing the sound devices, the built-in sound device are found/listed, however, the sound icon on the URH corner shows the the sound is muted, and cannot switch back to unmute.

  • The Fn-F7 key used to turn off the screen (and keyboard back-light) for me, for all the previous iterations of Ubuntu MATEs. But now when I hit it, it starts a screen saver, not turn off the screen. How can I get back the old behavior?

  • The menus, when waving my mouse over them, I used to be able to hear the menu clicking sounds, but not now, albeit when my sounds were playing well.

  • Moreover, the menus, when waving my mouse over them, it keeps crashing on me, with a pop up saying the menu crashed.