19.10.2 Adanced MATE Menu missing themes tab, and Icon customization?

I have MATE bionic on another machine. It is running mate-menu.py 18.04.3 (as Advanced Mate Menu). In that version, in preferences, I can change the colors of the menu in a tabs called 'themes' as well as the icon.

In 19.10 I have Advanced menu version 19.10.2 and cannot change the theme, and most importantly there is no option to customize the icon.

I have looked in dconf editor for the option under org>mate>menu-menu , but I don't see an option there either.

Am I missing something or is this feature removed? (The icon and theme customization)
Thanks for the help.

Hi @starseed-pl,

recently, mate-menu was refactored to display start-here icon from your theme. So, you have to change this icon in your favourite theme. You may want to check this thread, where similar question was discussed. Theme customization was also removed.

Hope this answers your questions

Thank you so much @ironfoot. The thread you mentioned helped me a lot.
Changing the colors of the menu theme itself isn't that important. Being able to add my custom Tux icon (or whatever icon I cook up) on the menu button was absolutely necessary! :slight_smile:

Take Care

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