[19.10] Display bug @ caja reaching certain font size?


I will be skipping the introduction as I am guessing that the chances are really good that you've already read a post from me and that you already know that I am the type of person who will install UM on everything including his fridge, microwave and toaster.

Now that we are well beyond the introduction point you and I, allow me to tell you about my latest experience in terms of running UM on a laptop hooked up onto a 75" TV acting as a cinema device.

But before going any further I would like to express my forever and eternal love to everybody making this project a reality @wimpy and co as this is totally might be The Project that makes the World a better place.

Anyhow my wife and I have taken the liberty to (finally) customize our UM UI onto our laptop uppering our fonts sizes as we're getting older.

And I what I mean by that is heading into: UM menu -> Appearance -> Fonts tab -> changing all of those values (Application font, Document font, Desktop font, Window title font & Fixed-widht font) to a value of 16 (for all) and to 19 (for "Fixed-width font") and then applying those changes on a system-wide perspective.

The result? Opening up CAJA now fails to display the bookmarks on the left side.

In other words, before I/we changed those font sizes/values under "Appearance Preferences" and we opened up CAJA, we saw our list of bookmarks/favorites in the middle left panel. And after upering/raising those font values that entire "BOOKMARKS" entry in the left panel is just gone.

GIven I/we am/are right on this bug, I ain't one to generally ask for much but I surely would love to get some sort of litime time UM status (if that something is even possible) for my goodnesses.

I know, alcohol.

But just as this bug gets fixed I guess I'll be happy.