[19.10] Dual clock

Hello Community,

I have had a very minor problem that I did not posted about before today.

Coming from a 19.04 install, I have issued the regular 19.10 upgrade via regular channels and after it was done I ended up with 2 clocks at the top of my GNOME UI.

After having checking around my common settings I was not able to find anything to resolve did.

What did I missed/any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


The old one can be removed from the panel unless you want it, it is generally wider and doesn't have anything about events or stuff like that it also moves separately from the other indicators right click and remove it if you don't need it, you may have to unlock it from the panel first though

Silly me! Indeed all I had to do was single right click and then uncheck "Lock to panel" and the "Remove" option was there.

Thanks for the education and clarification <3

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