[19.10] Keyboard goes nuts after playing with screens?


I've just experienced something very weird concerning my keyboard.

After having disconnected all of my cables to remove dust in my chassis, I also changed video card.

My system then booted up fine however when in MATE my screens were back to NOT being in portrait/reverse portrait but something weird was my keyboard refusing to type in the GUI.

My numlock LED was on and off when I pressed it, and I was also able to switch to TTY1, etc.

Switching user on TTY7 also proven to have my keyboard working again.

My solution to this was to move ~/.config into ~/.config.old and relaunch my session.

And that fixed it.

So I gotta wonder: am I the only one to have ever faced this situation? Also, anything I can provide from my old .config folder that could help investigate this very weird problem?

Also, I had configured my session a bit (with auto-launches, shortcuts, etc): which folders should I bother moving back from .config.old into .config? I guess most/all applications that I know/use or not even as all that will auto-repopulate in due time with old and known values?

Thanks in advance,