[19.10] Why does MOD4+T launches my non-prefered terminal?


I just migrated to 19.10 and the first annoyance I get is the precious MOD4+T key which I ritually use.

Before the upgrade I had terminator set as my Terminal Emulator under Preferred applications. After upgrading to 19.10 it is still set to terminator yet when I use MOD4+T some other non-terminator terminal is executed instead.

I am not sure on how to have terminator back when invoking MOD4+T as it was working on 19.04. Any ideas?

There are new shortcuts in 19.10 that can't be configured the normal way. (Hopefully this is just because of the Beta state, but it won't work properly until the devs have more time, which might not be for a while yet). This post Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Beta Testing shows you where to find them.

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