[19.10] Why doesn't my text cursor stays in CAJA?

It is I yet again!

This time wanting to squash yet another-super-annoying-minor-technicality-that-possibly-makes-the-whole-differences-for-a-guy-like-me.

Picture this: you are working on a dual head monitor setup and have 1x caja open in the first screen and a text pad into the second screen.

Now if you're somebody like me you'd wish NOT to use the mouse for doing simple copies and pastes from caja into leafpad and versa.

The problem I have is if I select an entry in the right-most panel of caja (The one listing directory contents), ctrl+c alt+tab into leafpad, ctrl+v and alt+tab back into caja, well, I would expect to be able to resume my keyboard work where I had left it at (And that was into the right panel/directory content panel).

Using latest 19.10, that's not the current behaviour.

So, after re-selecting caja via alt+tab I cannot simply use the, say, arrow from my keyboard to keep on scrolling down. No. I need to first click inside that right-most panel for then my cursor to be working again as I previously "left it" before witching window. It's like caja doesn't "remember" where the text cursor was last left on in it's panels/GUI.

So I have to ask now: is this a feature or a bug? If it's a feature, does anybody know how I could disable it/make it work as per my expectations?

Thanks in advance,