20.04 Brisk menu woes

I just upgraded (new install, new computer) from 14.04 Ubuntu Mate to 20.04 Ubuntu Mate. So far I am very much liking it. Very fast on a I7 NUC with 32G RAM and 1TB SSD. Virtual box Win7 boots in 5 seconds! That being said I hate the Brisk menu and I have been searching for ways to fix it for hours. Also possible alternatives. None of the google search fixes for the menu size work. It appears the dconf editor either has none of the options explained or the ones I change do nothing.

The menu options panel that opens to the right of the main selections is the same size as the selections thus making you have to scroll down to see long list of items and the mouse does not continue the scroll, you have to use the slide bar. Very much a PITA.

Is there a real fix for this or an alternative menu I can install. If so please let me know how either is achieved?

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You don't need to scroll using the side bar in Brisk Menu. You can scroll using the mouse wheel which makes it very much not a PITA.

However, should you want to replace the Brisk Menu with something more to your liking, you just have to customize the panel and add another menu instead. Right click on the panel, add to panel and choose compact menu, classic menu or Advanced MATE menu (removed in 21.04 it seems).

OK thanks. It was the classic menu that I was use to from 14.04 and I will be using that one.
The Brisk menu needs some work and I don't see where it is any better than classic but then that is my opinion.

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