20.04 hardware upgrade lost switching between Nvidia and Intel graphics

My old laptop ran 20.04, I've repurposed it to an IOT usage and it is doing very well. I got a new laptop and cloned my 20.04 NVMe to a fresh NVMe with Gparted and the installed 22.04 dual boot to a second NVMe.

My problem is when I boot 20.04 on the new laptop I've lost the option in Nvidia_settings to switch between Nvidia and Intel (Power saving) graphics on the new hardware. When I boot 22.04 installation the option is there, so it is not likely a BIOS setting issue.

What software component needs to be reinstalled or updated to fix this?

Old laptop:
GTX1060 Driver 470.182.03 Cuda v11.4

New laptop:
RTX3070Ti Driver 470.182.03 Cuda v.11.4

I've upgraded to the "latest" Nvidia driver and it made no difference. Maybe RTX3070Ti is "too new" to be recognized by 20.04. On my older laptop the GTX1060 was always printed in messages, on the newer system the messages are "generic" and don't seem to specifically refer to the RTX card.

You're aware Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS isn't supported any longer.. ie. maybe re-read Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS reaches end of life . Ubuntu Desktop/Server/Cloud/base get 5 years of standard support; flavors like Ubuntu-MATE come with 3 years.

Ubuntu LTS releases have two kernel stack choices; the GA kernel being the older release; and the HWE being the GA kernel stack from the later LTS release (ie. 20.04 had 5.4 kernel if you're using the GA stack & 5.15 or the GA stack from 22.04 if using HWE). If you're using the older GA stack on your 20.04 install (it was installed using early media) you could try switching to the newer kernel stack (meaning newer kernel modules, aka drivers)

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