[20.04] Some very minor annoyances for when working in TTY7

Greetings UMC,

I have some feedbacks in terms of basic TTY7 usage on 20.04 latest and the reason I have crammed all of them into this single post is because they all have the same criticity which is very low.

Minor annoyance #1: missing highlighted date on calendar (GreenLaguna appearance);
Why is it not super clear to say which day we're presently at when looking in the calendar? In other words: if I click on the original clock at the hand-right side and the calendar opens why isn't the day highlighted? I am using the appearance "GreenLaguna" on one of my box and the appearance "Green-Submarine" on another system. Correction: on "green-submarine" the day is very fadly highlighted but it's like it doesn't pop out. On "GreenLaguna" the highligh of the day is simply missing. I haven't checked all other appearances but shouldn't the present day be easily locate-able when checking on the calendar?

Minor annoyance #2: cannot "Save screenshot/print screen" when calendar is open;
When writing #1, I wanted to take a screenshot but I couldn't: why doesn't print screen works when the "clock-calendar" is open? If I click on the clock and the month appears below it, and I press my "print screen" key on my keyboard that it will do nothing. However if I click a 2nd time on the same clock and make the calendar dissapear pressing "print screen" key again will display the usual "Save Screenshot" window.

Minor annoyance #3: no Montréal listed in city?
I understand that back in 1998, when the module of timezone was possibly written, that nobody knew about canadian metropolises. But in the year 2020, with the arrival of such technologies has the GPS, and also as a person who's primary language is not english/doesn't even live in that province, why can't I select "Montréal" from the Eastern Timezone map when doing a 20.04 installation? The closest I can get is either Toronto or New York. Not only are there local sites(FTP mirrors for example) that are much closer to Montréal but also Toronto doesn't service the same province/infrastructure/population as Montréal. As a matter of fact: both cities are at well over 5h of driving.

Minor annoyance #4: Screen saver on portrait mode never works when running latest patches;
You've heard me post a couple of things about portrait mode and screensavers in the past. Ok. So you possibly know where I stand up with this. And I respect that. But now, with this same dual screen setup in portrait mode that I have made all of those great posts with, I have the exact same screensaver problem as before: doesn't work. So last month I decided to totally wipe my system and install 20.04 LTS to start a fresh. I think my screensaver worked maybe the first week after installation. Now, I only get energy saving mode kicking in. If I look at my screensaver configs, the "regard the computer as idle" is set to 5 minutes. Clicking on the "power management" right below this shows me that "put display to sleep when inactive for" is set to NEVER. Why do both of my monitor falls into power saving after 5 minutes instead of forever displaying the screensaver that was configured to appear after 5 minutes? A bit of excavation under ~/.config/monitors.xml shows me only my 2 correct instances of my monitors with no ghost/bad configuration anywhere in.

I also remember that another member suggested me to deploy the xscreensaver module to fix that but then that caused all sort of other weird problems. I would had hoped a LTS would had fixed that but no. Also, xscreensaver isn't currently installed if somebody wonders but that's normal right? Because I have "screensaver" under brisk menu and also because I see all of those extra screensavers when selecting "screensaver".....................

Sticking with what I've just said, I also have the same configuration on another freshly reinstalled 20.04 system (laptop+regular TV, both NOT in portrait mode) and that I never ever have this problem even though the extra screensavers were installed while xscreensaver wasn't installed.

Minor annoyance #5: why aren't screensaver idle period and power management sleep try to talk to each other?
Say I have just deployed a new 20.04 system and wish for it to show a screensaver after X minutes then I also need to specify to power management NOT to hijack my settings. Again, to state this differently, if I selected my screensaver to start showing after 10 minutes of inactivity why does power management unintelligently decides to leave it's display power saving to 5 minutes and shuts down my screens after 5 minutes instead of first allowing the screensaver module to do it's thing? Why doesn't the power management module instead defaults to values that are taking into consideration what a user as predefined under the screensaver preferences? After all, both the screensaver and the power management, from a desktop user perspective, should be part of the same "team".

As usual, thanks for your time in reading this and am looking forward for what's next.


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Hi :slight_smile:
I appreciate the way you are sharing with the community possible improvements you saw on UM. Amazing simple of improvements !
I can also confirm this bugs (except the n4 - no screensaver for me)
The subjects you target are useful improvements of UM in order to make UM to become more perfect that it is :slight_smile:
I'm advising you to open bugs for each bug here

I guess this issues can be solved quickly by UM developers. !

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