20.04 You are not allowed to perform this action


I just installed UM 20.04 from ISO and wanted to install some programs from the Software boutique but I fail with

games cant be installed

I wonder why this is and what I need to do. Also, I can't enable Other Software in Software and Updates. It doesn't allow to check it.
I'm in Users and Groups and have Account type "Custom".
The Help file doesn't work either The URI ‘help:///usr/share/gnome/help/users-admin/C/users-admin.xml’ does not point to a valid page.

I don't think Error "You are not allowed to perform this action" is the correct way as it looks to me I got now the Gnome part "look at the system but you can't work with it".

(I'm still new here despite using a problem-free UM 18.04 for 2 years.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Almost for me, I don't understand quite good your problem, does the solution you properly write don't works well for you? Sorry if don't...

hi Tim

The problem was that the system was unusable with not being able to install software and changing the setting in Software and Updates.
But I solved the problem.

I reinstalled from the ISO and noticed following changes compare to the first try.

  • In BIOS, I choose the DVD drive but in contrast to the first attempt, this time I didn't get the choice between Legacy and UEFI.
  • When asked for the user name, I chose to keep "Log in automatically" unchecked (I prefer to start the computer without having to enter my password.
  • When I was asked to restart the system, I left the DVD in the drive and took it out when I was asked to remove it and to press Enter. The first time, it was more a reflex to open the DVD drive as I didn't want to run the Install procedure again.

Result: No error after restart and I'm able to enable Other software and can install programs from Software Boutique.

Summary: Either the error was that I took out the DVD too early and it didn't finish the installation in its last leg, or the fact that I chose "Log in automatically" during the first try was the problem, because in order to change Software Updates and to install programs, I have to enter a password. That password request didn't come up the first time.