20.04LTS panel menu applet

Foolishly reset the menu. Created a new one. Encountered (small) trouble. There are several menu applets available, but none of them is the one which came with installation. For time being I started using the 'Compact Menu' (btw: I like it - its so uncluttered).
Since I have little experience with Linux and zero experience with U. Mate, I'd like to find a way to get original menu applet. I expect it'll be much easier to follow responses to my cries for help, if I am using same thing as the helping person. I believe, I'll have a lot of questions until I get somewhat oriented with OS.

According to this , it looks like if you open terminal and follow the instructions you can reset if to default. This is the man page you would get by typing man mate-panel in terminal.

mate-panel --reset

   --reset  -  Reset the panel configuration to the default setting.

Another way to get info in terminal is type mate-panel -h.

If you're referring to the Menu button, I believe you'll be looking for Brisk Menu.

To reset the panel, the recommended way would be to open MATE Tweak and switch between the panel layouts. The default panel layout is called Familiar.

Thanks lqlarry and lah7. Both your replies were helpful to me.

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