20.10 slow boot to log in, then log in window upper left corner?

Gents, et al:

Continuing to have issues with my U-MATE 20.10 install . . . today it probably literally took 5 minutes from click power button to reach GUI log in window . . . think I've posted here about this previously . . . the log in "tray" loads in the green GUI window to upper left corner . . . asking for a TTY-like "user name" and then "password" . . . rather than just password . . . .

Once logged in things behave more or less normally speed wise . . . . But, I ran an "apt" which showed 27 packages, when I came back the system had "logged out" of the GUI?? I logged back in and the console window was gone?

I continued to use the browser and while I was doing that it sounded like the cpu was spinning up faster and faster?? I didn't check htop or anything to see what was going on . . . I clicked "shut down" to try to get to "restart" . . . I clicked restart and an error on "api . . . xxxx is still running do you want to reboot anyway?" I clicked yes . . . took another minute and the system logged out and stayed with the log in window for maybe a minute . . . then it restarted??

Seems like there is an issue . . . didn't seem like anyone else is having the problem . . . after the 5 minute boot to log in time I filed another bug report.


I usually don't refer towards other forums but I found the following link with individuals having similar problems. https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=329115&hilit=slow+boot

Hopefully after submitting a bug report someone might be able to help you. Sorry, but my knowledge is lacking with this problem.

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Thanks for the reply and the link . . . which I did breeze through . . . . I did used to play with LM, but then it seemed to "not be so great" on my laptop where I was using it . . . . But interesting to see that LM has "disabled snap" . . . and they suggested going to ubuntu if snap was wanted . . . .

I have found problems with "snap" in trying to do stuff, but seems like the thread figured out it wasn't snap . . . but "blueman.services" that might have been at issue for the OP of that thread??

But, this isn't a fresh install for me with U-MATE, I've upgraded via adjusting the ?? etc/apt/sources.list . . . lately it was for "groovy" . . . . But, this "slow boot" issue is "somewhat new" and seems to be getting "worse" rather than better. I'm mostly "box stock" as far as the system goes . . . I have one ppa . . . and just use "apt update/dist-upgrade" to upgrade the system . . . . I'm not fiddling with kernels and so forth.

It did look like that gent in LM also was using "/efi/boot" which is what we do in Mac Pro land . . . and that seems to have brought in some "grub" problem over the last few months that U-MATE hasn't been too "agile" about . . . .

And the bug reports haven't garnered much in the way of interaction on the problems . . . . Again, right now I'm running Lu 20.10 in the same HDD and it boots faster and responds cleanly to mouse clicks to "restart" . . . etc. It has been upgraded the same way, from earlier distros via editing ???/etc/apt/sources.list to "groovy" . . . box stock except for the one ppa, etc.