20 min. BOOT (POST) TIME?

GREETINGS to the Community :no_mouth:.
Among you I feel like a "Dummie" in the sence of Terminal Work and that IS WHAT I`am.....
SO a clear view and understanding of "the Computers Way" isnt that clear for me.
Then again, with my almost 30 years with Win I am fearly "Brilliant" with the graphical side and in MATE I found my "place" I guees.
BUT a thing with (me and) my MATE holds me back for the movement.

  • For some days now I have exspirienced an extremly long BOOT (POST) TIME......
    And this is now 20 minutes. (As you can see Iam not sertined of what "the time" is called....)

The boot time is divided up in three placees/periods (Only for me, I think???) .
Nr.1 - Showes the motherboards logo and ways to enter the Bios.
Nr.2 - Showes how to configure "the MARVEL Disk".
Nr.3 - Takes me back to the motherboards logo and now I can enter Bios ore just end up with MATE`s login site.

  • The " UNNECESSARY 20 minutes OF WAITING " hapens in the first period (Nr.1).

For now I have cleaned my system with "BleachBit" (Root&User) and run al of what I have found of system cleaning commands for and with the Terminal.
BUT nothing has reduced my "BOOT/POST TIME" back to what it was ( Witch was about a minute).
Help, PLEASE ??


Boot time != POST time

POST == Power On Self Test
POST occurs when you push the button, even if no Operating System (No Ubuntu MATE / Windows or other) is installed on the drive.
This looks like a hardware failure or a mis-configured BIOS to me.

THANKs to @ouroumov for the inf :slight_smile:.
Do you have any suggestions on how to work this “Hardware Failor” ???
I am asking you this because my question is now marked “SOLVED” and its not, is it???

I am in control of that…

AND ALL SO, as an answer:
It not a mis-configured Bios.
My computer has work perfectely for a long time now with the same Bios Config.
The only thing that has changed it is “MY UPDATES” throug MATE.

  • So I think its more a Hardware thing ???
    SHOULD I try a Bios UPDATE ???

Sorry but no one can help you with that without having physical access to the machine.
I recommend you investigate the options in your BIOS. I can’t help you navigate the BIOS since the BIOS menu / layout is hardware-specific.

    THANKs ALOT for your HELP mannnn.
    Ill be working on the Bios to night and Ill be back…
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You [quote=“SpacePunk, post:3, topic:12154”]
It not a mis-configured Bios.My computer has work perfectely for a long time now with the same Bios Config.

Have you actually entered the BIOS Setup and verified that the settings are in fact the same as before, in each and every screen? Or are you assuming the settings are the same as before, because you have not changed them?

There’s a small battery that maintains the BIOS settings between boots, when your computer is turned off. Once it dies, BIOS settings are lost / revert to defaults. The first indicator usually is that you need to set the date and time.

Please enter the BIOS and look around:

  • Are System date and System time correct?
  • Is there an entry for “Fast boot” or “Quick boot”? Is it enabled?
  • Is your boot device first in Boot order?

Is this a desktop computer? Open the case, look for loose cables, re-seat the RAM. Locate the battery, maybe change it?

If the machine has worked before and no new hardware has been added to the system, a BIOS update won’t solve the problems, IMHO. Just as @ouroumov said: it’s most likely misconfigured BIOS (something has changed the settings ) or hardware level problem (loose cables, RAM, battery almost drained out, some component is about to “die”…).


I’m sorry that you’re having difficulties! Perhaps there might be a person here who’d be able to help you sort out the hardware / software problem if you post the make / model / configuration of the computer.

[quote=“SpacePunk, post:1, topic:12154”]
The boot time is divided up in three placees/periods (Only for me, I think???) .
Nr.1 - Showes the motherboards logo and ways to enter the Bios.[/quote]
This has no connection to an operating system just as @ouroumov pointed out.

[quote=“SpacePunk, post:5, topic:12154”]
Ill be working on the Bios to night and Ill be back…[/quote]
Lets us know how this action progressed.

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Hi There @samuvuo,
and BIGG Thank`s for the thorough information.

  • Half of what you mention I have done, and every thing seamed OK.
    Going in again in Bios to night and will do it much more thoroughly.

Also a BIGG Thank`s to @pfeiffep for his involvement & explaining.

  • And I will come back with my findings.
    Deep Respect to @ouroumov.
    It wasnt that I thought you were wrong,
    I just needed some more to understand.


Åhhh GuBaNoaaaaa…
I TOTALY missed out on the last mesage with pictures.
The DISK I was talking about is OF COURSE MINE.

But I have done a thoroughly cheque in my BIOS, read my self to Bios knowlege, done a proper cleaning inside the computer and chequed every thing from cables, the RAM and battery to fans and of course the DISKs. The waired thing was that every thing was as it should be. The only new thing I`w done is optimiced the Bios in both health and speed. For a vaile I thought that the speed issue would save me, but no…
My Computer stil runs for 20 minutes before I can login.

During the comeing week I will do a nother cheque and go over everything the second time. before comeing back hear. - SO have a great Sunday :sweat_smile: :sweat: :worried:

I don’t relay now what to say…
BUT 2 days ago every thing was PERFECT AGAIN…
Looks like UbuntuMATE just fixed its self!
:fireworks: :grinning: :slight_smile: :laughing: :beers: :cocktail: :joy: :grinning: :birthday: :fireworks:
But THANKs A LOT TO ALL OF YOU, YOUR VIEWS & HELP RELAY HELPED. And I most certainly have learned things.

As cool as that would be, Ubuntu MATE can’t take credit for this since, as we said, Ubuntu MATE has nothing to do with - and no way to influence - the POST-to-grub time.

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Thanks @ouroumov, Ill take that to mind.

  • Its just that UbuntuMATE has taken me so many times outoff "Computer-Troiuble" and now Iw become a proper loveing mate to it. :heart_eyes:

  • But SERIOUSLY @ouroumov I get what your saying and I`ll promise to get better with my terminology.

Two things I would check.
First be USB devices. I have had the Bios hang with particular USB sticks, dongles etc plugged in, removing them cured it eg a portable hard drive. Once the computer had booted and OS was up and running the previously offending USB was fine.
The second experience was using a standard internal hard disk drive power socket, and trying to expand it with a double plug for SATA drives. I bought the 1-2 expander on eBay and it was rubbish. Once I had cut off the standard socket, and soldered two heavy duty (by comparison to the eBay version) SATA power sockets my very slow, erratic booting disappeared and things ran smoothly.
Cheers, Rob

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