21.04 Beta won't boot from Live USB on Intel NUC 11 systems

Hi all. I've just received an Intel NUC11PAH17 machine (i7-1165G7, Irix Xe Graphics), and I'm trying to install the 21.04 Beta of Ubuntu Mate. I'm fairly new to Linux, but from what I can tell, recent hardware requires the 5.10 kernel or later for support, which is why I'm jumping straight in with the beta release.

When booting from a Live USB and selecting the OS via GRUB, I get the initial MATE loading screen for about 20 secs, then it just goes black. I tried modifying the GRUB launch argument to see if I can get more information out of the issue ("nosplash debug --verbose"), but the same issue. No apparent errors on the initial terminal output for 20 secs, then just goes black.

This isn't a freeze or lockup - Pressing the power button will start the shutdown sequence and show an animated MATE loading screen / kick the terminal back to life while it attempts to shut down, but it never actually achieves shutdown.

I've tried both the Beta and Daily/Current images, and the same happens on both. The Ubuntu 21.04 Beta image with the default desktop environment works perfectly fine, it only seems to be an issue with MATE flavour.

Is there any other steps/info I can provide in order to help you diagnose this issue? Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem but on a ASRock NUC 1165G7. The same install USB flash will boot on a 10 gen Core i7 Dell notebook. What I did was install 20.04.1 Ubuntu on the NUC 1165G7 and then install the OEM kernel or HWE kernel. It runs then, but there are some GFX issues. The Linux support for the 1165G7 is not completely baked yet, IMHO