22.04 and Compiz: Two top panels but windows only respect the top panel

On all of my laptops and single-screen devices, I always recreate my panel setup of two panels at the top and cairo-dock on the right side; and when I installed 22.04 on my laptop, I quickly went for this setup.
But then I discovered this strange behaviour: despite having two top panels, windows when maximized or when tiled respect the 1st panel (the one on the very top) but not the second one.

Just take a look at this image, a window when maximized respects the top panel, but not the second one; the window title is now under the second panel (I've changed the colour of both panels to a transparent red, so it's easier to see the panel and the window behind)

When two windows are snapped, one to the left and another one to the right, it also happens:

Notifications also respect cairo-dock and the top panel, but not the second panel:

Both top panels have 28 pixels of size.
Despite my setup has both panels to the top, I also did try to move them to the bottom, just to see if this bug also happens here, and it does.

This only happens on Compiz, all of the other 5 Marco variants (why so many? lol) works well.
Emerald has no implication, I also did run a clean CCSM profile, just in case my customizations did cause this problem, but It still happens.

This same laptop has previously been running 21.04 and 21.10 (with clean installs every time), with the same panel setup, and there was no problem. It's the first time I experience any issue regarding my panel setup.

Here's a neofetch output of my laptop, just in case it helps:

Any idea or suggestion on how to fix this issue?

Did you find a solution that worked for you?