22.04 Blue Tooth not functioning

I did a clean install of 22.04 on 2 different laptops (different mfrs, year made, etc.) that I can dual boot to 20.04.4 and they both exhibit the same behavior in that I cannot get the signals to connect under 22.04 jammy.

In 20.04 I can do a search of devices and see dozens including the keyboard I want to connect with. All is good.

Boot into 22.04 and do the same and I only get a couple of devices and of course no keyboard.

Screenshot at 2022-06-10 17-17-07

Again, the behavior is the same on two different makes of laptop.
Does anybody know what is going on? Is this happening to others? Am I holding the computer wrong? :smile:
I don't see any bug reports so if I file one is there anything I should add? like a hardware dump?


I don't know why but this happened to me too. A keyboard that I used to connect graphically stopped showing up. I had to use the command line method described here: https://goinglinux.com/articles/BluetoothPairing_en.htm

This may be caused by Blueman can't find devices near me, while hcitool scan can · Issue #1621 · blueman-project/blueman · GitHub

I would recommend to select View → Hide unnamed devices and retry with search and pair.

Thanks for the suggestions.

View -> Hide unnamed devices was already checked. So I wasn't able to make progress that way.

The CLI approach seemed to be working. I got through the trust and pair but I would get notices that the keyboard connected then disconnected immediately. When I turn the keyboard off and back on it connects automatically but disconnects immediately. I then get an Ubuntu error report which is probably related.

This was tested on one of the laptops, not both.

I'm surprised that I'm not seeing more complaints about this. Maybe I just got lucky.

Just updated right now. Hooray! It works now.

That was the last irritant I had with 22.04. Firefox loads fast now and the screen flickering was fixed weeks ago. I'm sure more needs to be ironed out but good job by all those involved.