22.04: Error comunication with TPM Chip

Hello together,

since my upgrade to 22.04 I get an error message during boot up: something like "Error communicating with tpm chip".
My machine is a thinkpad t420. No error in 20.04.
I'm not using dual-boot.

Can anybody give me hint what to do? Do I have to edit something in the bios?

I have the same model laptop (Thinkpad T420) with UM22.04 running.
I don't have that error.
I have in the BIOS:
Security -> Security Chip -> Security Chip [Disabled]

There are 3 states:

Security chip is functional

Security chip is visible, but not functional

Security chip is hidden and is not functional

I guess on your computer, since MATE sees the TPM chip but can not communicate, it is set on [Inactive]

Try to switch to either [Active] or [Disabled]


Hey there,
yes it was set to "inactive". Changed this setting and the error msg is gone. Great, thank you very much!
Btw, I don't know exactly what this thing (tpm) does. I've now disabled it, are there any drawbacks? And what are the benefits of switching this to "active"?

I believe that the chip is "The Trusted Platform Module" It is needed to do things like watching Netflix, Hulu, etc. (on some computers) See What Is a TPM | How to Check and Enable TPM 2.0 Windows 11. Does it need to be activated? It depends on what you are doing. On my Thinkpad T550, I have it disabled and it doesn't seem to cause any problem(s) and I can still watch Hulu and Amazon prime videos.

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Thanks for the info! I'll leave it disabled :wink:

I have the same error message.
But I'm using an HP 8300 SFF.
The bios is quite basic and I haven't found any setting relating to the solution mentioned above for that Lenovo machine.
Any advice would be appreciated.
I'm running 20.04 LTS. Occurred after a recent software update.

Kinda sounds like another MS spy device. I remember being on Windows and getting the "your hardware has changed" warnings. I don't think I have ever had a Linux installation that has had the chip enabled and it has never given me a problem.

You might need the HP BIOS config utility.
There is a good explanation how to set the TPM chip on their users forum:

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