22.04 language indicators & HDD at battery

Hi, guys
Recently i've switched to relatively "fresh" laptop and have got 22.04 development branch installed.
No questions to beta versions, but a fe days ago it become a LTS.
That way, as soon as it release i would like to find out two things:

  1. Two language indicators at ayatana panel. Old-fashioned (as of all previous versions of MATE) and new one -- looks much more fine that old. Both work synchronously, both cannot be disabled or removed, i can't find no settings in keyboard applet or nowhere else, including dconf editor.

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  1. My laptop has 2 disks - main SSD and second Seagate HDD just for backups. My prev laptop with 20.04 had one SSD only. The problem is hen i work on battery, HDD starts its spindle every 10 mins, works 1 min and then stop. Every 10 mins. Am i alone with thoughts that it's just pointless not too say stupid - to dead sleep on AC power and waste battery for vein when its capacity needed for other things?
    My laptop is Acer Aspire-E5-774G.
    Any suggestion would be very appreciated

Today a little bit more investigating into lang indicators.
Left one is apparently not a part of ayatana - i disabled "Indicator applet complete", turned off "Enable keyboard LED" indicator in MATE tweak Panel section and got clear top panel with lonely En/Xx thing.

I've found only one parameter to disable it described here: libmatekbd/org.mate.peripherals-keyboard-xkb.gschema.xml.in at master · mate-desktop/libmatekbd · GitHub

false Allow to disable the keyboard indicator tray icon Allow to disable the keyboard indicator tray icon

Well, i opened dconf and verified that this was already switched on there.
So i'm allowed already to disable it.
But a tiny little question left - WHERE?

Disable the old indicator:
dconf-editor - /org/mate/desktop/peripherals/keyboard/general/disable-indicator (enable) - left click mouse - Custom value - True - Reboot