22.04 LTS - Minimum disk space for install

Disclosure: I am a Linux dabbler, but by no means an expert.

I am trying to install Ubuntu Mate 22.04 on an old Acer C720 chromebook (16GB). In the install wizard, I get "You need at least 17.0 GB disk space to install Ubuntu MATE. This computer has only 16.0 GB"

The System Requirements page (https://ubuntu-mate.org/about/requirements/) indicates that 8 GB is the minimum and 16 GB is recommended.

Is there a way to configure the install to use less space? Why does it want 17 GB if the system requirement have lower sizes specified?

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Welcome @danseapants to the community!

I had a similar issue with a Chromebook and upgraded my mSATA to 64GB, then it installed.