2d drafting / cad on SBC

i am planning to swith fron windows office network to a client server system.

Server is configured as : free NAS / OMV planned
AMD A10 - 6800K

Clients shall be SBC like rasberry PI 3B/ Banana PI M3/ Odroid C2/ Odroid XU4

General work load - E-mail / Ms-office, some work stations may also be using 2D drawing / drafting (CAD)

my query:

  1. how do i operate my current cad software (draft sight) on the SBC,
  2. which OS is recommended
  3. which office software is recommended
    4)how to bind mac address & ID Password so that no one changes the seat and fetch data .
  4. any other thing you feel is important.

Thanks in advance

Hi @abk,

I’m not sure about networking but according to their website, Draftsight runs on Ubuntu 14.04 (Download from https://ubuntu-mate.org/trusty/ ).

For Raspi 3 there is a link for the download Ubuntu Mate version) but Draftsight doesn’t seem to have a version for that!:

Libreoffice is installed by default so just run the following terminal command (Ctrl + Alt + t) to install the full meta package:

sudo apt-get install libreoffice

I hope that at least answers questions 1, 2 and 3 for you!. :smiley:

Your other thread has been closed as it is a duplicate!:


Hi Wolfman,

Thanks a tone for your research and detailed input.

further i would like to enquire that will ubuntu 14.04 function on any of this SBC and how will i load that cad software?

HI @abk,

sorry but I cannot answer your question as I have never used SBC, maybe @lah7 or @Wimpy can help you there, or indeed one of the other Forum members?. :smiley:

As far as the CAD software goes; I cannot find a link for Raspi so you might be out of luck and have to stick to a normal PC install or try this: http://www.freecadweb.org/wiki/index.php?title=Download , maybe someone else knows different?. :smiley:


FreeCAD is under heavy development and might not be ready for production use

I don't get it, Binding and bonding is for routers and you are talking about your NAS right?

That warning and heavy development is showing since like abut half and a year :fearful:

For the server??? You are on Ubuntu Mate's forum :point_up:

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Hi @malwaredpc,

I thought it a god idea to post the warning, there is a stable PPA though!:


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I didn’t know there was a ppa! :slight_smile:

@abk please, consider doing a test on which software is good for your purposes. If it turns out that the software doesn’t do what you need, you will be cursing a lot of time. For example, FreeCAD has a Windows version too (if you are on that platform). And there is a LbreCAD and probably more software, probably the so called commercial, you can test first.

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