32bit 18.04 Ubuntu mate released?



I thought that 18.04 32bit was not going to be released and only 64 bit supported.Nevertheless, I downloaded and installed 18.04 32bit. This was not an upgrade but a fresh install. What gives?


Can you provide a link to the download page?


I got the impression it was delayed when I saw it at release time. Or this was the last release of 32 bit.

I believe 18.04.1 will be up in a few days.


Indeed, Ubuntu 18.04.1 will be on the software updater the 26th of July
(PST? or GMT? i have no idea, i know only the date)


choose 32bit and follow to download link. Shows as i386.iso


That’s Ubuntu Mate. They are still offering 32 bit, for the moment it would seem. As are a number of other flavors of Ubuntu, from my understanding. It is only the main Ubuntu that has formally stopped providing the 32 bit release.


From 18.10 on, no 32 bit images will be released by Ubuntu-MATE. Please see -