3D printed case for the Raspberry Pi?

Hello People, i am new in these comunity, but i am thinking what can i do to help, and the reality is that i am a industrial designer, i don’t have the ability to develop code, but i was thinking in something else… Money is something that we need to help the ubuntu mate in developing mode, then i saw that ubuntu mate as a version for raspeberry, What i was thinking is to create/develop a 3d printed case that wimpy could sel to us on the store? What do you think ?


Hi, welcome to the community!

Sounds like a good idea to create/design an Ubuntu MATE branded case for the Raspberry Pi 2 (and/or 3?). @Wimpy will have to stop by to share his thoughts. I edited the title so other members can clearly see what the thread’s about :slight_smile:

Have you got any proposed designs to share? (The community could vote for one!)

I will do what the community wants!! first we have to think what we need and want then i start to sketch…

I need !!

  • Comcepts of ubuntu MATE software
  • If we want to make it with a fan or not ?

i don’t know we have to think about it …

This sounds like a cool project :slight_smile:

Firstly, the only things available on the Boutique are fulfilled by 3rd party organisations. I don’t have the time or resources to sort of shipping items to people. So my thoughts are, is there a 3D market place where your design(s) can be uploaded and made available for purchase as either schematic or the physical object? If so, that would be the way to go and I’d be happy to link to your item(s) :slight_smile:

As for design, you’d know best on that. I look forward to seeing what is possible :slight_smile:

WE have to think what we want from the box. what kind of thing people use the pi with ubuntu mate ?

From my local Pi Jam the makers use Ubuntu MATE on the Pi as a development machine, hooked up to keyboard, mouse, screen and GPIOs. When they’ve got the code for their project complete, they move it to another Pi, typically a cheaper model.

That is a lot of help… wimpy … :smiley: we have to thin what we whant to promote with de pi MATE… o dont know i use mine like media center, and for my 3d prints with octopos…

When I eventually get around to getting a Pi…

1.) Simple case based on shape of standard case, default to printing the bottom white and the top in a green in approximately the MATE green color. The top should have the MATE logo either raised above or lowered into the surface. the logo could also be open for the mounting of a fan…?

2.) printable spacer that can be installed between the lid and base, allowing for the installation of a Pi “Plate”. I’n my plans I’ll be installing the AlaMode board on top of the Pi…