400 bad request error message in UM forum

I recently get a 400 Bad Request error message very often when accessing the UM forum, unable to reply to forum posts.

Martin has been updating the server over the last few days and warned us this may happen. Don’t worry, it should all settle down soon.


See also:

Try clearing your browser’s cookies and cache (or just this site).

I think I’m going to do the same, in case old cookies are causing the problem. Not had this one (yet) though. :astonished:

I do it every time I shut down the browsers using "Bleachbit" and it doesn't help, it happens every other time I open the UM forum pages!. :smiley:

I forgot to mention this happening too (cannot log out!):

Clearing cookies for me or opening in a private browsing (Incognito) window temporarily restored access, but ironically I got the exact same problem... persistantly the past few hours actually.

Other screenshots leading up to this:

Only seems to be affecting when I'm logged in. :thinking:

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I can confirm that I also get this error message.

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And another two:

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Definitely a problem with our cookies. Sometimes restarting the browser (closing all windows) works.

Even new cookies get trashed when I log back in. :cookie: :fire: :frowning:

@Wimpy, anything you may be able to fix/adjust server side?

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Can I just ask where all you folks are based? Because I am not getting any of these problems. I am based in the North East of the UK

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I’ve only experienced the read only mode not the 400 error. I’m located in the US - state of VA always

but occasionally a state of confusion :sunglasses:


I am in Germany and they have the “four spungs duck Technik” here!. :smiley: (Vorsprung Durch Technik) :+1:

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I am in Shanghai. I don’t think it is related to locations. In fact, the Ubuntu MATE site is loading quicker than many others here in China and it was working flawlessly until recently when these error messages popped up.

It’s more of a client-side issue with our browsers talking to the server then our location.

I’m using Chromium on UM 16.04 64 bit

I’m working on it…

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Everything seems to be back to normal. :joy:

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