$89 Pinebook (ARM processor w/2GB RAM and 16GB SSD)

The Pinebook, which uses the Pine64 board inside of a laptop shell is supposed to be going on sale next month according to the OMG! Ubuntu! blog as written up here.

As someone who has tried the RPi image and been favorably impressed by it on my RPi3 I’d really like to be able to run my favorite Linux distribution on the Pinebook when it comes out. Are there any chances of seeing that?

Before anyone says anything, I am aware of the Allwinner support issue, unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of options available in the Linux ARM laptop space. If anyone knows of anything better, at the same price or having better hardware to justify expense I’d love to know about it. Meanwhile the Pinebook is available now…err in a month.

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I’m interested to know about this too. I would think that it should work.

As much as I’d love this to be successful, the reviews I saw of their first product launch (the Pine64 computer) were pretty awful - here’s one from Hackaday. I’ll wait for a review to see whether these turn out better.