A Background I just made

You are free to use it.. Just please remember I still own the photos. But anyone is free to use it as a background. It is a river in New Jersey called the Musconetcong, Hope you enjoy! :wink:

Here is a different view of the Dam, a closer view..

a different logo:

another look:


I really like that, one of the best i’ve seen on here.


Agreed, very very nice!


Thanks much appreciated.

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I love this. Do you also have a version without the logo equation sidebars? I’m not trying to put this particular design down, but I think I would personally enjoy it more with a slightly cleaner design.


I was already thinking that… I will do it tomorrow :slight_smile: Thanks for the request.

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I’d like a copy too, nice background!. :smiley:

Enjoy Guys! If I make more should I add them here or make a new post?

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Thanks @Zonerman1,

just add them here, anyone looking at this thread will be notified!. :smiley:

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Thanks… will do… :slight_smile:


Hi @Zonerman1,

I really like the last one in the list but it is quite a low res (690 x 397), any chance that you have a higher res copy?:

Not sure why that is the case the file I uploaded is 1920 x 1106 in size. 96dpi… Is it something on your end? Do you mean the actual photo itself?

I don't know if anything is wrong here, I am on a different PC and it is still low res?, take a look bottom left of the pic!:

What program are you using to read it? Everything I use shows me it is what I said. I wonder if the program you are using is not revealing it correctly. Hmm…

I'm using Eye Of Mate!. :smiley: Tried it with Shotwell but don't know what res it is showing in as I can't find properties in that app!. :smiley:

Just tried it in Gimp, same result!:


My guess, you’ve right clicked and saved the forum thumbnail? Clicking original forum thumbnail opens the full resolution version which can then be saved. :slight_smile:

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I noticed after I uploaded it in the specs its says the size you say… But that is not what I uploaded… I changed it in the specs is it any better now?

How did you download it did you right click on the display image or did you click download after clicking on the image?

Thanks Dave, I did tell you all I am a bit thick sometimes!. Problem solved!. :smiley:

I have got it now @Zonerman1!. :smiley:

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Oh don’t worry its ok… We all do that… Dave

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