A clipboard manager for Mate

I have tried several of the most common clipboard manager on Mate 19.04. After a lot of testing, only one worked (Clipman), albeit with duplicate icons in the panel.

I would therefore like to see Mate stock a clipboard manager in the applets list, that has been properly tested. KDE, Cinnamon and XFCE all ship with clipboard managers that can be added from the list of panel items. I see no reason why Mate shouldn't be able to do so as well.

In the meantime, can someone recommend a fully working cp manager for Mate?


I use XFCE's and works normally with mate-panel. I think MATE shouldn't try to re-invent the wheel unless the others aren't compatible or miss some critical feature.

My point wasn't that the Mate team should develop their own clipboard manager.
Rather, the list of applets that one can add to the panel should include a cp manager that has been tried and tested by the team, so that a user doesn't need to find one by trial and error (from my own testing most of them didn't work at all).

Where the included cp manager comes from (xfce or someplace else) doesn't matter.

I've been using Diodon for almost as long as I've been using MATE. Works for me.

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Diodon works well with Mate

Hello accron

I use "parcellite svn". I've used in on Ubuntu-Mate for around 3 years now. It works well. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have used clipit for many years, works just like I want it to.

Thanks for the tips!

So couldn't one of these be added to the software boutique or applets list, so that we have an easily discoverable and installable cp manager out of the box?

Diodon is available in the Software Boutique...


I've been using 19.10 for the last few days which I installed on my work laptop, and the software boutique is completely empty. I assume it's because 19.10 is still under development and that it will fill up again come release day, but that's why I couldn't confirm.

Good to know there is at least one "official" option that should work properly on Mate, so consider the matter closed.

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For me copyq is the best clipboard manager ever :

You can store so many items you want in several tabs :

Passwords : (encrypted)


Screenshots :


Fixed / Pinned items for everyday use :


Having all things you need under your hand, encrypted, inside one place will make you save time searching for them.

I tested parcellite, glipper, Klipper beofre copyq.

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I personally use Diodon