A Day With Ubuntu Mate

Hello everyone! I am Loshi01, and I am a new Linux user. Obviously, I am using the Linux distro Ubuntu Mate. I'd like to share of my experience so far and a little bit about me in the process since I might be active on here.

How I switched from Windows to Linux
Before I begin, I'd like to share this is not my first time using Ubuntu Mate, but it is the first time I've fully installed it on a computer and used it for actual software and other stuff. I've been considering switching from Windows to Linux for a few months now. I had tried Ubuntu Mate on my Windows Computer before, but never installed it as I didn't want to get rid of my files and couldn't figure out to make sure they weren't deleted if I installed Ubuntu Mate. So I had only used Ubuntu Mate for about a hour in the past.

However, as of recently, I saw a chance. I found an old Lenovo laptop in my basement. It was Windows 10 but hadn't been used for about 4-5 years. After finding out where the charger was and asking my father about it (as it was previously his) he agreed that I could install Linux on it. As of Thursday, we successfully installed Ubuntu Mate on it. However I waited until yesterday to use it, so I could use it for a full day and share my thoughts on Ubuntu Mate so far here.

Why I switched from Windows to Linux
To understand my point of view a little bit more, I think I should share why I switched from Windows to Linux. It came down to a few factors.

I like to program things, and I found that Windows just isn't the best for programming. I found that many programmers like to use Linux rather than Windows. I also thought I could possibly make small apps for Ubuntu Mate that could help the community a bit.

I also found that Windows, from what I saw, just isn't very customizable. I wanted more freedom to customize my desktop to what I wanted.

The final big factor came down to money. As of right now, I don't have to pay fully for laptops, computers, etc. But from what I found in research, Windows does cost some money. Most people aren't aware of it, but some of the price of Windows desktops come from paying for Windows (or so I found) So I wanted to help myself in the future by switching to Linux.

My Experience So Far
After that lengthy start, I think I'm ready to share my thoughts to far.
Ubuntu Mate is great so far. It has useful pre-installed software that can come into use. I can use LibreOffice for my poems and stories I sometimes like to write. I can use Visual Studio Code to write my apps in Python and Java.

In fact, from what I've seen, software like the web browser and Visual Studio Code load faster than Windows in Linux. Visual Studio Code on this old laptop with Ubuntu Mate installed takes about 5-7 seconds to load, but on my newer Windows 10 computer, it takes about 20 seconds! Same with the web browser. When I turn the laptop on, I can go onto the internet with only a delay of about 3-6 seconds before my web browser loads. On my Windows 10 computer, when I boot it up, it can take about an entire minute to load! This may have to do with my laptop using FireFox instead of Chrome, but even then the Visual Studio Code has no excuse.

From what I've seen, Ubuntu Mate has been running faster than Windows, even on an older laptop.

Also, as from what I researched, Ubuntu Mate is really customizable. I was able to change the look more than I was with windows. I'm still trying to make things my style, but it will be easier to do than Windows ever was for me.

I also like the feel of the Mate Terminal a bit more than the Windows Terminal. While I'm still learning how to use it, I've heard it is really powerful, and I'm excited to learn more.

So far, Ubuntu Mate has been great.

A Question
I have one question so far, and it has to deal with the printer. My printer is a Canon LBP6230dw, but I can't figure out how to setup the printer on Ubuntu Mate. If one of you could help with that, I'd be grateful. Thank you!

[UPDATE - Was able to get the printer working!]

Final Thoughts
I've enjoyed using Ubuntu Mate so far, and it does everything I've needed it to do so far. I hope to create some simple Apps that can help people with the Operating System. I'm excited to learn more about it.



Which version are you using? 20.04 or 21.10? This month's lts will bring a lot of new features like more color options.
Only downside imo is Firefox as a snap but i fixed that by downloading Firefox from the official website.

After checking in the terminal, I am using Ubuntu Mate 20.04

Welcome! Congratulations on trying out Ubuntu Mate. I am retired (and old), but I have used this distribution for many years after having used various forms of Windows for years before. I hope that you continue to find UM useful and fun.

Regarding the printer, printers and scanners are the most difficult peripherals to configure and use based on my experience. I suggest that you start at the Canon site https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/support/details/printers/black-and-white-laser/lbp6230dw?tab=manuals . After reviewing the the manual, I believe there is a driver to be installed, and you may need to interact with CUPS (the common unix print system) to interface to the printer. Others who have had more experience with Canon printers may be able to make better suggestions.

Best of luck.

Thank you so much!
I'll do what you said on the printer later, but as of right now I have to get ready for tomorrow.
Again, thank you!

UPDATE - Was able to get the printer working, thank you!

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Hello Loshi01

Welcome to the world of free software (freedom, not gratis) and open source software. :slightly_smiling_face: :tux_hacking:

You may be interested in this no-cost resource:
Link 1: Linux Command Line Books by William Shotts

This is the famous " The Linux Command Line", by William Shotts (Fifth Internet Edition).

In case you miss it on the above mentioned website, the download link is:
Link 2: Download LinuxCommand from SourceForge.net

Regarding printers...
In my personal experience HP laser printers :slightly_smiling_face: usually work well, as do at least some models of the Epson Eco Tank :slightly_smiling_face: :earth_africa: series. I connect my printers (for some years now they have been printer/scanner combined models) via ethernet, if you use a usb-connection your sucess may be different.

Finding software...
If you are looking to find Linux software to replace software you used on windows, you can always post a short question here. Sometimes it can take time to track down the best tool for your problem, and it may not be in the software boutique (although the Ubuntu-Mate software boutique is very good).