A "Do Not Disturb" mode for Ubuntu MATE?

Came across this: http://www.webupd8.org/2016/11/xfce-gets-do-not-disturb-mode-and-per.html

Didn’t know Xfce provides such a useful mode.

What is your opinion? Should something like this be built into Ubuntu MATE or should this remain an external tool, e.g. https://launchpad.net/nonotifs.


And advised by everyone as being more powerful than Tylenol. Because everything wants to notify you of something ridiculous these days. Down to your dictionary application that thinks the notification area is the place to put your requests.

I’d like to have something similar on MATE. I make good use of it on Xfce. But I also manage to disable notifications on MATE on a per application basis. So, this is mostly a convenience. Nothing terribly necessary for that reason.

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By changing the settings of each application or does MATE Notication have such a setting?

Can someone please quickly validate if nonotifs is working on Ubuntu MATE? I enable the don’t disturb mode but notifications still show up.

This is an interesting discussion. I’ve been thinking MATE needs a “notification center” for sometime now.


Like the “notification center” idea!

Imagine something where you can tell to not show notifications if certain apps/services are running, like Google Hangouts (meeting), SimpleScreenRecorder (demo), or YouTube.

Or, an option to just simply block notifications from specific apps.

run from the terminal and see if you get something similar or close to this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nonotifs/+bug/1636740

In any case, I generally don’t advise notification managers of any kind, except if provided by a) the distro maintainers or b) an upstream project that is already managing the notification system and decides to expose it to the user, like a DE for instance. These are the only two I know that work. Anything else is always a constant headache of bugs and annoyances, that can be easily avoided by instead resorting to a per-application configuration (unfortunately not every application that uses notifications includes settings to manage them).

So, I would say, forget about nonotify. I don’t know of one single notification tool that works on linux. Not a one!

I don’t know who to blame. If thelibnotify developers, or the developers of these tools. But what I know is that the only ones I trust to do a good job on this area are those I already mentioned: Distro maintainers or DE developers. And I won’t use anything from anyone else. The before mentioned Xfce feature tool is an excellent example of why this is so. It just works. And it works continuously without problems, that you just forget all about it.

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Well, thanks…

Your linked bug report does not solve my problem. So I keep my other one open.

But you have a fair point here in that maybe indeed some critical apps should implement this feature directly. Especially screen recorders should have an option to suppress notifications while recording. Let’s talk upstream!

+1 on the notification center idea. It would be nice to have an area where the notifications go and a way to disable certain ones, eg: Turn off the Rhythmbox new song playing notification, but keep email ones.

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Hey, another +1 to this idea! I’d really love to see this rolling on Ubuntu mate. Its a must have! :slight_smile:

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I agree as well a notification center would be a much appreciated addition, as well as perhaps better notification support from 3rd party apps, but that may not be possible

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Just one more vote for a Ubuntu MATE notification centre! :heart:

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Agreed! Mate really needs a notification center!

I did try recent notifications which works like one and I found it rather annoying than helpful, but then it did collect all notifications whether u clicked on them or not if we could have one that just saved the ones you did not click on that would be nice

Hey, if GNOME Shell can do it...

Also, yes I am bringing this back from the dead. Because I want it too. Yes for notif centre, yes for dnd.