A letter of appreciation and a little complaint

Hello. I'm Ali, and I'm new in this forum. Actually, I've just registered to write this letter to devs. I really can feel the deep love and care Ubuntu Mate developers put in their distribution. I sincerely wanted to thank you for your time and effort put into this OS. I can see that you've covered a lot more than most distributions do these days. I like accent color and desktop layout settings the most. Unlike some distributions who can't even set the themes that come in their official ISO not to break any colors making the texts on the panel the same color with the panel itself, rendering them completely unreadable (AHEM! Manjaro...) you've obviously done your homework before building this ISO. I really appreciate the wholeness of your OS. So thank you.

As for the complaint, installation gave me an error saying: "Installed shim-signed package post-installiation script subprocess returned error exit status 1"

I don't know what a "shim-signed package" is, but I feel it's important to notify you since it seems to be a problem in a lot of Ubuntu ISOs. After the error, it works out fine. I'm not sure if it causes any problems, but the OS works fine on my computer. I'm looking forward seeing your next release. Keep up the great work! :slight_smile: :+1:


Most likely has to do with efi, and how its set up. I have disabled Secure Boot.
Your more than right about the positives.


I'll reply with my 2c, but note: I'm not involved with the Ubuntu-MATE project (I'm a user just like you, though I have involvements elsewhere in the wider Ubuntu community), nor am I a developer so my knowledge is less than complete :frowning:

Ubuntu-MATE uses the same base system as all other Ubuntu flavors and Ubuntu itself, so if one has issues with particular hardware, generally all of them do.

SHIMs are hardware specific; so an issue with a specific shim will only impact devices that use that firmware (commonly brand specific, but may impact multiple models or multiple OEM branded products).

If you want help here (now or in the future), providing your specific messages may allow others to provide you with help.

You can also report your problem so it'll get worked on. Refer https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs (and don't worry if your bug is marked a duplicate; you still provide useful additional detail in fixing a problem with duplicate bugs, & esp. when bugs are marked "affects me too" provide confirmation of the initial report, and more heat (ie. affects more users thus is raising importance)).