A message from me

In the past some of you read a post that i made about that the Linux community can and some times is toxic. Others maybe seen my Post’s on some topics where i was more direct in my expressions/language. For all of you i wanna say !!Sorry!!. I am a very passionate guy, when i am doing something i give all my time, heart and sweat. All i can say is that i am 10times more harsh on my then on others. I will never be a community admin or something in those line.
But from where i am staying i have a unique way to see this project , as a normal user and a part of the team as a QA with no background skills other that I’ve learned from from the Mate and Ubuntu Mate team. I’ve used and currently using Ubuntu Mate from the beta stages of it 14.10.
My background when I’ve started using Ubuntu Mate was professional bellet dancer with no it skills but a burning passion for it. Slowly using it I’ve started founding bugs/problems (or as i like to call them features ), made my first report and believe me the reports were awful, terrible @Wimpy can vouch for that. But slowly I’ve started to learn , how to create them, what to say, where to send them (and still learning) as you can see English is not language over time I’ve put videos in my bug reports to help developers understand what was my problems and how they can reproduce them. In the same time i had a YouTube channel and a site with tutorials with things that I’ve found helping. I can proudly say that I never miss a alpha beta or a rc testing stage (even with my pc broken, with a lot of help from a ubuntu mate user not just fix my pc but upgrade it two [it’s my guardian angel]).
I’ve been here from the beginning and i will stay to the end.
What i am trying to say is that don’t be fearful to report problems, to ask for help, to share something that you found or to say what you like or what you don’t (in a respectful way).
When you have a problem please use the search tab because in over 60-80% of the times you are not the first one having the issue and you can find more information in a post made some time ago then repeating the same question.
When requesting something like a new version of the Ubuntu Mate rpi version again search before making a new topic.
When you see someone that is helping you say thanks and have a great day and then mark that post that was helpful as “fix”.
When reporting a issue see how reports are made and offer the developers all the details you can as in what version of the os, what version of the app so the process of fixing it can be quicker and painless instead going back and forth with developers . I’ve made a quick guide for that or you can search on the web, 10 minutes of researching can save you hour’s and maybe days of pointing devs in the right direction.
If you have some skills or knowledge on coding, testing, documentation, community etc and have some spare time say “how can i help”.
If you like something from this project find the dev or devs working on it and thank them for they’re hard work because they are not getting paid.
We can only succeed if we help and respect each other.
I wish you a great day or a silent and wonderful night.
P.S sorry @mdooley for butchering English language


Your passion for Ubuntu MATE shows in just about every post you’ve made. All of us can learn from you. Thanks @APolihron

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@mdooley thanks for your kind words and your help on this forum (and for writing check/corrections). Love you!

I show some passion in posts myself. Save for some rare exceptions I never take that passion back, even if it makes me a bit of an ass. Sometimes, some things frustrate me where I might had misdirected my “Passion” toward a certain subject or I might express frustration with failure to succeed completely in a particular task, but I regret not a single bit of it.

I always tell people if I go too far or if I am a problem, to simply let me know. I try to comply within community guidelines for civil discussion as best I can, but I am only human.

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Your post just made my day and gave me a boost- thanks for the encouragement and confidence…
And thanks more for your effort and hard-work and passion in what you do and your contribution to this project…:slight_smile:

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