A new Minimal Install coming to Ubuntu

Looks promising


Anything has to be better than Unity (my opinion), it looks interesting, I might give it a whirl when it has advanced a bit more!. :smiley:

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The download link for anyone interested.

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The PPA for Ubuntu 16.10 is also available:


Here is what it looks like (with the weather app open) on my UM 16.10 base:

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hi @anon42388993,

just found out that I cannot readily add any apps to the top panel :frowning:

Echoes of Gnome 3 I suspect!. :confused:

I will have to read more on the subject. :smiley:

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This does not look very bare bones to me.

Hi @anon42388993,

I used the PPA and installed the meta package so got all I could from that, the RAM usage is around 200 - 200 MB but they do say that they won't install many apps; I of course installed it on top of Ubuntu Mate so I already had a shed-load of apps installed!. :smiley:

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