A problem with applications behaviour

-Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2 LTS with latest updates on default kernel.
-Mutiny layout with both panels set to auto hide & thinned a bit.
-marco (with compositing) is set to maximize all programs and not decorate them.

With these settings some programs (e.g. MATE Terminal) start not-maximized in the upper left corner of the screen (sometimes in the middle). I need to open it several times for it to open maximized.

With all above settings, but with top panel always visible this problem does not occur. Changing the compositor to marco (without compositing) and back to marco (with compositing) fixes it for a while. Compton does the same. I didn't try Compiz, but I think it would be the same.

Is there a permanent fix for this?

Also apps in dock sometimes don't restore upon clicking on their icon, I need to Alt+Tab them. Then it works again.

Thanks in advance.