A thought about the eject USB drive popup notifications

I have occasionally run into a small problem when transferring large files to a USB drive.

When I right click the device and click eject, the drive disappears from the desktop and I get a popup notification indicating whether it is safe to remove the drive. The popup notification works correctly, it briefly informs me that either the drive is safe to remove or that it is still in use (data is still being written to it). If the drive is still in use the popup disappears and later returns when it is safe to remove the drive.

My issue occurs when I am transferring a large file and choose to eject the the drive when data is still being written. I see the popup telling me the drive is in use but don’t always see the returning “safe to remove” popup. I am then left wondering how long I should wait before physically I remove the drive.

If others consider this an issue worth investigating-improving then perhaps the popup behavior could be changed so that when the drive is in use (it is unsafe to remove the drive) then the popup stays visible until it is safe to remove the drive (unless the user cancels-closes it).


Hello bob

Workaround - this post might help you:

Safe to remove USB device?

A little extra work but reliable. :slightly_smiling_face: