About section for Welcome app

The Welcome app needs an About section. I don’t like the approach taken in elementary OS that all default applications don’t refer to its original applications (you won’t even know the name of an application you are running unless you are familiar with it) and developer names are completely removed. In general I like to know what application it is that I am running (name), who is responsible for creating it (history), under what legal form it is published (license), and who is currently contributing to it (developers, maintainers). And a great application like this one deserves some credit. :grinning:


We could add that, but where to put it? :thinking: There isn’t a “perfect” spot since it’s not a “normal” GTK application that has a menu bar or Help option.

Alternately, instead of crediting just the authors/translators of the Welcome program, why not the names of people making significant contributions to the distro, whether be code, translations, donators. They could be in the form of word clouds?

Initially I looked at the topic title and gave me an idea if were to have a quick 1-2-3 introduction of what the Boutique is and how it works… Similar to opening one of Google’s Android apps for the first time.

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'About' CSD maybe? :)

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Good idea, thanks! I’ve had a little experiment with “Header Bars” as they are called apparently. :wink:

This also sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to many more improvements to the Welcome application. Keep up the good work!