Accessories, Games, and alot more missing from Application menu in 22.04

Hello, I installed UM 22.04 and then proceeded to copy and paste my T-bird and Home folder from my UM 20.04. I started to add apps to the top panel, like Diodon, Screenshot, etc from the Accessories menu, and for some reason I got stupid and I Reset Panel the top panel.

I now had no way to shut the computer off except for holding down the start button. I was sick... I rebooted and the top panel showed up but was very much different from the original one.

The App Diodon in the Software Boutique showed that it was installed. I reinstalled it and and it never showed up. When I go to Edit Menus there is not much there, just whats showing in the Apps - Places - System.

Please help... I'm old, over 70, and not real tech savvy. But I know I like Ubuntu WAY, WAY more than Windows. Who wouldn't?

Thanks In advance

Hi matetwo,

Have you tried installing Diodon using the terminal command?
sudo apt install diodon
make sure you use lowercase for diodon, and the same goes for the other missing utilities and games in your menu.