ACER logo blurred during login and logoff

On a Acer Aspire XC 605, during login, the normal sequence is Acer logo, Ubuntu Mate logo, then Acer logo. After the last update of Ubuntu Mate 22.04, during login, the first Acer logo appears normally, the Ubuntu Mate logo appears normally but the second Acer Logo is blurred by a large set of lines. During logoff, firstly a blurred Acer logo, then Ubuntu Mate logo and finally a normal Acer logo.
Of course, this is not very important, but it is not nice.
I cannot see a solution for this problem.


This problem is due to a video driver not playing nice with the kernel/efi/bios combi.

This is a typical and well known nVidia GPU problem.

Just checked your Acer Aspire XC 605. Your model seems to have an i5 processor and, indeed, a nVidia GPU.

There is nothing anyone can do to fix the nVidia driver to be more Linux compliant (because it is a closed source proprietary binary blob) so your best chance is complain to nVidia because they screwed up and they are the only ones to be able to fix this because they have the sourcecode.

Best solution to try: Uninstall the proprietary nVidia driver and switch to the open Nouveau driver.

If you really need the proprietary nVidia blob ( because you need the utmost speed in 3D-games or using CUDA )
you might get away by changing the bootloader resolution in /etc/grub/default but that probably needs some trial and error and educated guesses to get right.

I used to have some nVidia hardware and this 'blurry logo' problem has regularly reared its ugly head. I switched to Nouveau when it was mature enough to use and have been a happy camper ever since.


It was the exact opposite. Switching from the Libre driver to the proprietary driver suppressed the problem.


Good to hear that.
You might want to file a bug against Nouveau so it can be fixed for future use.